J. Lamar Freed, Psy.D., Psychologist
Serving people with Multiple Sclerosis
In my office I provide psychotherapy using cognitive/behavioral and interpersonal methods for:

Adjustment difficulties
Difficulties in coping with reduced abilities
Difficulties managing illness
Family stress management
Marriage difficulties related to managing MS.
On the telephone and on Skype I provide psycho-educational coaching:

Orienting the newly diagnosed
Fatigue management
Individual treatment cost/benefit analysis
Questions about cognitive functioning
How to optimally access the medical system
J. Lamar Freed, Psy.D. is a 1989 graduate of  Hahnemann University's Doctor of Psychology program.  He started private practice in 1992 specializing in geriatrics and chronic illness.  One year later he was diagnosed with MS.  Since that time he has written about MS and, in addition to his private practice, has provided psycho-educational services to people with MS individually and in groups.
Mental Health and Multiple Sclerosis Articles
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My Practice Philosophy
I've been successfully collaborating with  clients since 1989; in private practice since 1992. I welcome talking to you about how I can help.  Please click here to read about my practice philosophy, or call me.  I will return your call by the following day.
J. Lamar Freed, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist In Pennsylvania, 1990
Hahnemann University, Doctor of Psychology (1989), Clinical Psychology

Office: 8125 Fairview road, Elkins Park, PA 19027
Ph#: 215 896 0641
Fax#: 215 782 3931
Email: lamarfreed@lamarfreed.net